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      Ingrid's System of Medical Astrology  

Astrology of Healing

The esoteric part of the system was developed before the practical -- and they remained for many years quite separate -- though this is no longer the case today..





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As might be expected, my system of medical astrology is inseparable from my own studies and life experience.  I was an Asian Studies major in college and not unexpectedly unfolded my understanding of healing as a by-product of my spiritual practices and interest in transcendental wisdom.

My interest in astrology began very early in life, probably by age three.  Medical astrology did not become my primary focus until 1972.  It was then that I was temporarily gifted with many secondary insights that promoted rapid insight and understanding of the unseen components of human existence, including what makes us well and what undermines our well being.

I thus began with the subtle and moved, little by little, very slowly, into the physical.  At this time, I feel reasonably balanced.  I have a deep appreciation of the role of the unconscious as well as the effectiveness of diet and herbs in managing symptoms.

One of the cornerstones of my system is astroendocrinology, the term I use to describe the relationship of the chakras to the endocrine glands.  This work deals with the unfoldment of the potential existing in each chakra and the effect the use and specialization of the chakra has on the physical, psychological, and spiritual being.

The other component of my system that has old origins is my work on stress which for many years made me very unpopular.  I was called "the squares astrologer," and made to feel that everything I discussed was somehow negative, this despite the prevailing fashion that suggested that squares are merely challenges that bring out our hidden capacities.  Unfortunately, I never quite subscribed to this somewhat naive theory and thus remained "unpopular."

The Elements

This, however, changed in the early 80s when I added the elements to my system. The elements were a natural interface since ayurveda offered a five element system of classification of foods and herbs which I adapted to the Western astrological system of four elements.  I have now had many years to develop and teach this system; but when I began, it, too was unfashionable because of the effort some astrologers were making to be more scientific by using midpoints and harmonics and other techniques that obscure the crucial role of the elements in determining constitutional type and temperament.

My system is not a mere resurrection of the ancient system or humors nor a transport of ayurveda into tropical astrology.  My system is fresh, purged of archaic terminology and quaint concepts of how the body works.   It is hence completely modern, but the emphasis on balance is traditional.   Moreover, when the critical role of balance is understood and the means for achieving and maintaining balance are integrated into the life style and psyche, healing becomes natural, almost inevitable.

My work with the elements goes well beyond conventional typologies  and prescriptive remedial measures.  It includes "everything:" the psyche and soul, the physical and psychological and spiritual.   There are prophylactic measures to be implemented on every level and strategies overcoming  deficiencies and pacifying excesses that include dietary, herbal, and psychotherapeutic measures.

The Moon

My preliminary explorations of the Moon, karma, and the way feelings affect both health and personal relationships coincided with my move to New Mexico.  The basic tenets stemmed from past life investigations that convinced me that memory persists despite the drastic interruptions we experience as birth and death.  I came to understand that memory and all it affects in lunar, that all illness is experienced in the lunar nature, and that cures therefore need to focus on this part of our being.  My insights into memory as well as the use of music to elicit material from both the subconscious and soul thus began eighteen years ago.

In 1980, I wrote about memory in a book called Shadows on the Soul -- which unfortunately has never been published.  However, since 1980, I have devoted myself to the healing of the pain held by the feminine, that part of both men and women which holds memories.  Today, I speak about the relationship of individual purpose to experience, about God the Father and the Universal Mother in each of us, and about love. My interests have shifted from health to the way Cosmic creative impulses interact with the feminine.


Since 1993, I have been contemplating the role of fate in life experiences.  I have developed new terminology to describe the roles of destiny and karma.  I see karma as lunar and destiny as related to the Ascendant and soul.  Where the two primary forces of existence intersect, the now "happens."  This is fate, and it is not fated.  However, once one understands the mysteries of the lunar nature and soul, it is impossible not to create a present that is a more intentional combination of energies, one that is qualitatively influenced by the soul.

I believe such insights will help humanity to heal both its own ancient wounds as well as those of the Planet. My current work exhibits a passionate love for all Creation; and, in it, I am forever cognizant of suffering as well as the path to healing.


I am a well known teacher and lecturer and am especially renowned for the clarity of my expression.  I offer seminars and a three-year correspondence course on The Astrology of Healing and am the author of hundreds of articles on astrology, healing, and metaphysics, many of which have been translated into foreign languages. My knowledge is always combined with warmth and common sense.

My system of medical astrology is both practical and spiritual.  It is balanced between intellectual knowing and feeling. Though much of my system aims at revealing what would produce harmony and wholeness, the newer work is gentle and emphasizes the essential equality between mind and emotions.


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