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Ingrid Naiman

As I navigate my third Saturn cycle, I am acutely aware that this site serves to complete my own destiny, that of bringing love and light into the areas of our being where pain and suffering have created the wounds that today need healing.










Ingrid was an East-West Center grantee at the University of Hawaii and received a B.A. in Asian Studies in 1962. She did graduate work at Yale University and obtained an M.A. in 1964.  Her contributions to holistic medicine were recognized by Medicina Alternativa which conferred uponher a doctorate of medicine in Copenhagen in 1987.

Ingrid Naiman is one of the foremost medical astrologers of this era. She uses an entirely holistic system of healing which is based mainly on Eastern theories of energetic medicine and Western astrology.

Ingrid is the author of more than a thousand articles and seven books, including one on botanical approaches to cancer treatment for which she was awarded a doctorate of science and merit of excellence by the Open International University in Sri Lanka in 1995.

Ingrid is available for weekend workshops and longer seminars for astrological, herbal, and psychospiritual teaching. The courses can be tailored to meet the needs of entry level to advanced students of astrology, patients, or health care professionals. She is able to speak on highly practical matters, such as her two famous titles, Kitchen Doctor and the Mid-Life Tune Up Program; or on the fundamentals of her system of medical astrology which relies heavily on the and the role of the Moon in health; or on esoteric matters such as Astroendocrinology, fate, or reincarnation. Whatever the topic, her presentations are distinguished by their clarity and warmth - and common sense.

The Astrology of Healing
Introductory Series


This talk covers the many ways in which stress is shown in the horoscope. Stress is the underlying cause of all that goes wrong in life.  Ingrid discusses how stress is shown in the horoscope and how individuals react differently to various life situations.  She covers the depth and timing of the stress as well as basic physical and psychological measures for reducing the effects of stress.  In addition, she speculates on the karmic origins of stress and on the attitudinal and practical shifts that might eliminate the causes of disharmony.

The First Wound

Ingrid believes that most people have what might be called a fundamental vulnerability with respect to a specific planet and the energies represented by that planet. Usually, this wound occurs early in life, from which point on events associated with that planet tend to take on a less than harmonious character.  The term "first wound" was coined by Ingrid and she uses secondary progression to ascertain the timing of the wound and the planet involved. She believes that recognition of the causal incident and the particular handicaps associated with the incident are prerequisites to changing the power of the wound to limit expression.

The Elements:
Constitutional Type and Temperament

Ingrid is one of the world's experts on the elements.  Since ancient times, the balance of fire, earth, air, and water have been used to estimate physiological health as well as the psychological causes behind imbalance.  Health demands balance.  The early warning signs of disease are generally related to imbalances, often involving the under- or over-expression of a single element.  If the first symptoms are ignored, the imbalance becomes more complex, at which point the treatments that might be effective are also more complex.

The elements are such an important part of Ingrid's system of healing that this subject is best presented as a weekend workshop so that the theory of the elements, description of each of the types, the symptoms of excess and deficiency of each element, as well as introductory herbal and dietary protocols can be covered.

Retrograde Planets and Reincarnation

Ingrid has been interested in reincarnation since her teens.  Over the years, she has become acquainted with more and more methods of past life recall and more and more "stories" related to her own and other people's past lives.  She sees patterns in the stories that clearly related to the horoscope, the most intractable being those associated with retrograde planets, the subject of this lecture.

The Effects of Emotion on Physiology

In today's world, the focus on the body-mind connection has once again become popular, albneit in a form vastly different from the psychosomatic theories of history.  Ingrid believes that each constitutional type has a peculiar tendency to express or suppress particular emotions -- and that these proclivities affect physiological functioning of the body.  In this all day workshop, special focus in on the four primary emotions: fear, anger, grief, and depression; but many other feelings as well as the potential for minimizing their harm on the body are covered.  Because of her profound background in subtle energies, Ingrid also discusses emotions in relationship to the  chakras and endocrine system.

The Moon in Relationships

This lecture addresses the "hidden undercurrents" in relationships. We each have instincts that  give rise to assumptions and expectations that may or may not be conscious much less verbalized or understood by the important others in our lives. The four basic lunar types - fire, earth, air, and water - are covered along with their agendas and needs.

Self Help Series
[No Astrological Background Required]

Kitchen Doctor: Taste and the Elements

According to Eastern medicine, the taste of food is an indication of the pharmacological properities of the food.  Foods are sour because they contain acids, bitter because they contain alkaloids, etc.  Taste is not therefore merely an aesthetic characteristic of food but a clue to the food's medicinal properties.  Ayurvedic medicine uses a system of six tastes which are, in turn, directly related to the elements.  Once this system is learned, food and herbs can be used to correct imbalances of the elements and reduce the symptoms related to illness.

In today's world of food groups; fats, carbohydrates, and proteins; vitamins, minerals, and enzymes; diets for specific illnesses; ethnic diets; diets for blood types; etc., this system is amazingly coherent and straightforward.  Ingrid takes the basic Ayurvedic tenets to a new level of cogency that also helps to make the relationship between the body and psyche clearer.

This is by far Ingrid's most popular series of audio cassettes.

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Kitchen Doctor:
Taste and the Elements
Four 90-minute cassettes



Mid-Life Tune Up

We live in a very polluted world with a lot of environmental hazards and physiological stress. However, most people perform more maintenance on their cars than their bodies.  To live healthfully, Ingrid believes that periodic detoxification and tonification each system of the body is necessary. In this program, she addresses one system of the body at a time, either according to the weight of the strongest presenting symptoms or astrological indications.

Depending on the condition of the patient, it may be better to begin by detoxifying a particular organ or strengthening a weak system of the body.  The program takes nine months to two years to complete.  Then, depending on inherent constitutional factors, some people may be advised to maintain some regimens or repeat the whole cycle every five to ten years.  In any event, the tune up involves the entire body and, for most people, the psyche as well.  For instance, weak stamina may require life style changes in addition to diet and herbs.  Finding support and creating freedom from undermining factors may be critical to the long-term success or failure of the program.

On the whole, Ingrid looks at the removal of toxins and metabolic residuals, then the purification and tonification of the system, then the psychological and psychic factors that affect the chakras, their rotation and impact on the endocrine system, and finally on the relationship of the chakras to each other. In many cases, some kind of therapy may be recommended that helps shift the underlying causes of constitutional problems.

Adrenal Exhaustion

Many of the best educated and most highly skilled members of our society are too tired to work a full day. The adrenals are triggered by stress, any stress. Tension in relationships, financial problems, health crises, noise, pollution, fear, insecurity, and many other factors cause many people to exert themselves "beyond endurance."  This talk presents sound measures for increasing stamina as well as reducing the strain on the adrenals.  Ingrid also presents ways of looking at  basic needs, how they are perceived by the unconscious, and how they can be met by the conscious self. You might say, she shows you how the conscious self, that part that drives many people past endurance, is perceived by the unconscious.  Then, she offers suggestions for stabilizing the adrenals as well as some herbal and dietary protocols that nurture and support the adrenals.  As always, she looks at the cause first and the cure as secondary to the cause.

Music Therapy

Since 1980, the most powerful part of Ingrid's work has been her work with music therapy.  She uses classical music, recorded or live to bring feelings to the surface, access past life memories, discover chakra guardians, find place in the Universe where the soul was born, uncover the mission on Earth, and to align the three parts of the total individual: the lunar, solar, and Ascendant selves (or subconscious, conscious, and transcendent parts of the individual.)

This work can be offered as a demonstration if excellent sound equipment or live instrument(s) are available; or it can be instructional if groups of therapists with a love of classical music wish to study the structure of the unconscious parts of the self.  If live music is desired, Gail Barber, harpist, is also sometimes available for this workshop.  She can also perform music for groups that aids relaxation, meditation, alignment, and healing.

Specific Conditions


The history of cancer, its basic pathology and some of the demographic and psychological factors that affect the incidence of cancer are discussed along with psychotherapeutic techniques, herbs, diet, and other helpful practices, including the Native American use of escharotic salves. Cancer is discussed from emotional as well as spiritual perspectives.  Ingrid also covers ways to transmute each planetary energy from its life threatening form to its life supporting role.


Allergies, environmental sensitivity, chronic fatigue syndrome, and A.I.D.S. may be the tip of the iceberg - warning us of severe threats to health and well being.  Personal and political measures aimed at sustaining life are discussed along with protocols individuals can use to adapt to the stressors of modern life.  Ingrid also covers subtle factors such as dialogues with the immune system and physiological responses to sound as serious medicine!

Procreation and Creativity

Regardless of our biological polarity, our psyche is a complex mixture of masculine and feminine. Since balance is the key to creativity and longevity, this workshop is intended for both male and female audiences.  The relationship of the feminine to memory, emotions, physiological functioning, including procreation, is covered. The inner child, its need for support and nurturing, is discussed as is the "inner" mature parent.  Basic information essential to the correct functioning of the reproductive system, fertility, stubborn sterility, and long term health and well being are also be covered as is the important subject of longevity and the protocols that enhance the quality of life as well as its length.

Esoteric Series

Fate: Destiny or Karma

During a dark night of the soul, Ingrid struggled for three years to determine what in life is determined before birth and what we might be able to influence.  She attempted to avoid fashions in thought, such as fatalism or the dubious power of a self conscious individual to manipulate and control destiny. To answer her questions, she had to journey to the deepest regions of the subconscious and the heights of the spirit realm.  Her effort to know was rewarded with an insight:  the moment is a blend of destiny that is the very essence of our being and karma which is the reaction to the experience of participating in Creation.

Translating this into ordinary language, Ingrid developed a "volume" of thoughts that include the relationship of spirituality to psychology, masculine to feminine, and divinity to darkness.  Throughout her many ventures into unknown realms of the psyche, she continually found that the mediating power of all apparent opposites in love and loving understanding and relationship.  This topic is powerful.  It is deep, evocative, revolutionary, and compassionate.


This workshop covers Ingrid's highly original and profound insights into the function of each chakra and its effect on the corresponding endocrine glands, physiology, and expression of the full potential of the individual.  This is the oldest part of Ingrid's system, developed at time when she was quite clairvoyant and psychic.  Over the years, she has continually refined her initial understanding and polished the presentation, and she has added material from modern medicine as well as anecdotal accounts from her 28 years as a practitioner using this system.


Unlike academically trained specialists in memory, Ingrid approaches this subject mystically. She shows how memory is a part of the unconscious, how it is unaffected by the dramatic interruptions we call birth and death, how it is affected by experience, how it is stored, and how it is accessed.  This is one of Ingrid's favorite subjects because the topic is so endlessly intricate, colorful, and potent.  In any event, what seems apparent to Ingrid is that memory is practically as immortal as the soul, but it has many components and frequencies so that its entire content cannot be accessed in a linear mode of understanding.  Ingrid shows how each memory has a historic raison d'etre and an influence on what we instinctively know, believe, and do.  Thus, no matter how logical we think we are, most people perform an incredible number of actions every day that are directly governed by the content of the memory vaults.

Other Topics

Ingrid has vast experience as a health care practitioner and is able to contour seminars to the needs of individual audiences. This page is hence but a partial list of what Ingrid is able to offer. Most important is her interest in transforming the causes of illness.

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B.A. in Asian Studies from the East-West Center at the University of Hawaii, 1962

M.A. in economics from Yale University, 1964

M.D. from Medicina Alternativa in Copenhagen (should be considered honorary), 1987

D.Sc. (honorary) from the Open International University in Sri Lanka, 1995

If interested in inviting Dr. Ingrid Naiman to speak, please send an e-mail.

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Poulsbo, Washington