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Ingrid Naiman

As I navigate my third Saturn cycle, I am acutely aware that this site serves to complete my own destiny, that of bringing love and light into the areas of our being where pain and suffering have created the wounds that today need healing.










This program was given at the Whole Life Expo in 1999 where Ingrid Naiman was the keynote speaker.  This was combined with television appearances and press coverage.  It is presented as a sample of what can be offered the general public.

Cancer Salves:  A Botanical Approach to Treatment

Ingrid is author of the newly published book of the same title. She has carefully investigated historic methods of treating cancer that rely exclusively on natural, non-toxic protocols, especially plants.  She describes external treatments that use various botanical pastes and salves as well as the internal tonics that are used to purify the blood and support healing from within.

Adrenal Exhaustion

Many people are suffering from chronic fatigue or a milder version of this syndrome called "more mind than matter." While it may not be possible to do more in a day than we are already doing, Ingrid has some unique insights into how to strengthen ourselves at the roots of our beings. She offers an enormous array of perspectives that include subtle factors such as support and certainty, psychological issues like fear and faith, and practical solutions that address allergies, environmental factors, and herbal protocols that increase the number of good hours in a day. She also shares her shamanic secrets of how to meet one's chakra guardians and receive some help from the obliging, invisible beings.

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Adrenal Exhaustion
Two cassettes


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Poulsbo, Washington