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Ingrid Naiman & The Astrology of Healing
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Biography of Ingrid Naiman
Photographs taken by Ingrid Naiman
Workshops and Seminars
The Astrology of Healing
Medical Astrology: About the Astrology of Healing
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The Energetics of Healing
Taste and the Elements
Healing the Self
Index of Articles

dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)What is Medical Astrology

Acute versus Chronic Disease: A Mars-Saturn Issue
Storks and Stars: Astrofertility
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)Psychology and Spirituality

Venus-Mars: Do Opposites Attract?
Adrenal Exhaustion
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)Weight: Thin or not so thin?

dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)Lunar Herbs

dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)Music — channeled material on Creation

Finding One's Medicine Name
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)Soaring Spirit with Tears — a story — medicine name

Sleeping Woman Who Talks in the Night
dot_clear.gif (807 bytes)Ego Light and Loving Light

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Books by Ingrid Naiman
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New Audio Cassettes by Ingrid Naiman
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Essential Oils
Online Order Form for AstroPharm
Recipe for Immune Butter
Recipe for Kicharee
Recipe for Lycium Berry Smoothie
Recipe for Increasing Stamina
Consultation with Ingrid Naiman
Correspondence Course in Medical Astrology
Curriculum Overview
Correspondence Course, Lessons #1-3

Outline of Lessons #1-3
Sample of Lessons #1-3
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Outline of Lessons #4-7
Sample of Lessons #4-7
Correspondence Course, Lessons #8-9
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