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      Psychoanalysis of Uranus and Pluto  

Cancer Salves

My own practice has always been clinical—and so it is with all astrologers who offer consultations to clients or patients. As time has progressed, I have refined my insights and polished my protocols. However, each "case" is really the story of an individual, not a sterile trial. The problems people describe in their sessions arise in the real course of life, and these problems result in suffering. My job is to unfold inner understanding of the circumstances surrounding the disease and to shift the conditions from a state of disease to health.










Dear Subscribers,

After being without an astrology program most of the last month and half, I awakened this morning to see a chart on my screen, totally mysterious happening, but it was a welcome sight indeed!

Today, Sunday, I would like to indulge in a psychoanalysis of two planets. We'll see, maybe one today and another tomorrow?

In traditional astrological texts, Uranus and Pluto are both considered to be planets of change. I plan to challenge this tenet and propose something entirely different, at least where Pluto is concerned. However, my understanding of Uranus is also not quite consistent with textbooks. Before delving into this analysis, I want to set the stage a bit and remind people that, as we speak, there are six planets in cardinal signs. When the Sun enters Aquarius, the Moon will go into Libra, thus keeping the figure, temporarily, at six.

For those who are not familiar with the language of astrology, there are 12 signs of the Zodiac. These are divided into three crosses and four elements. The crosses are cardinal, fixed, and mutable and there is one sign of each element — fire, earth, air, and water — on each cross. The mathematics is quite tidy, but I do not want to lose people in technicalities so I will try to keep this user-friendly.

In the beginning of the phase of becoming, all energy is magnetic or should we say magnetized? Let's imagine a seed that needs to grow. It has to attract to itself what it needs to become what it intends to be. In the case of a seed, it needs not just water and sunlight but also nutrients and various gases. In this stage, the seed is hungry for support so it draws energy and this allows it to grow and become something quite remarkable as compared to the seed. This phase corresponds to the energies of the fixed cross, and, as I wrote in yesterday's post, the miracle of being is that love is the cohesive force. Therefore, all the signs on the fixed cross deal with love in one of its forms, you might say everything from erotic love to universal goodwill. There is a progression probably from sensuality to a deeper maturity in which the experience of becoming allows for a more socially and spiritually refined expression of responsibility towards others.

A point comes when the cup is full and then the energies are released. The energies become radiatory, and this occurs on the cardinal cross. This is where actions involve interactions. There are obviously countless ways to view this. We could say that the magnetic phase is more dependent, i.e., the seed needs nurturing or it will not fulfill its true potential. Our psyches are also like this. If we do not experience the love that makes us coherent, we will probably always carry some emptiness in our beings and therefore not feel that we are capable of giving what we might otherwise freely give.

In any event, what happens in the radiatory phase is that energy is released and when it is released, it tends to make contact with other energies. So, the cardinal cross is more social and less personal, but it is also more active and interactive. There are however forces to balance. There is the self and its desire to assert and lead, the family or clan and its need for definition of roles, the partnerships and their need for balance and equality, and the public, i.e., the "mature" social self with its authority and responsibilities. Adapting the ego to a role takes some discipline. Otherwise, we see the rough edges that need polishing and that will be polished before the diamond emerges.

Okay, this is part of the stage now. We can save the mutable discussion for another time. We have more than half the planets in cardinal signs now. These include the two that are due for psychoanalysis. In addition to Uranus and Pluto, there are the two benefics, Venus and Jupiter, both now retrograde; and there is Mars plus a luminary, the Sun or Moon. This is hardly the first time so many planets have been in cardinal signs, but it still behooves us to understand what is in the skies and to use this knowledge to equip our psyches for more skillful action and interaction.


Most astrology textbooks describe Uranus as the planet of change. I am going to dispute this "somewhat" because while this is partly true, it masks some of the intent behind Uranus. Ultimately, Uranus is charged with introducing the mandate of Heaven and causing its precipitation on Earth. Uranus in Aries is thus the beginning of a cycle of new mandates. If we ascribe "change" to Uranus, we make the mistake of thinking that change occurs because Uranus is unstable or destabilizing. This is not however (in my opinion) the correct way to understand Uranus. Uranus is more like a messenger who introduces new ideas, all cloaked in truth, and by giving air to the ideas, rocks the boat. I want to give a lot of examples from current events to show how this works.

First of all, we are witnessing an epidemic of whistleblowing. Yes, we experience the shock waves as astrology texts have prepared us to expect, but if we focus on the shock, we will miss the intent behind the exposure of truth. If we remain ignorant of what is actually "happening", we will perhaps avoid the shock but remain victims of agendas that have outlived their usefulness. That is perhaps a polite way of saying that the mandates are to replace something presently in existence with something new. Again, the emphasis should not be on the shock but on the processes surrounding the use of the truth and how the changes that are mandated will become reality. Those who think that Uranus brings changes are hitting just slightly wide of the mark because change comes from revelation and there can be quite a lag between the shock and the change.

Let's say one has been reading up on the hazards of certain foods and medicines but not taken any decisive steps to implement changes in diet and life style. One can accumulate an absolutely enormous body of knowledge before biting the bullet and making the changes. Uranus does not force the change. Uranus merely reveals what one needs to know in order to conform one's actions to one's understanding.

I am going to take a second example. Yesterday, I watched a couple videos on recycling. On the one end of the extremes, it was stated that the per capita generation of waste is 24 pounds a day. I was shocked. Maybe it is per week? I'm not sure, but if one includes countless empty containers for everything from fast foods and beverages to what we throw away because we are cleaning out the basement, the waste is enormous and it is unique to the human kingdom because the other kingdoms of Nature operate in a fully biodegradable manner. On the opposite end of the spectrum from Los Angeles to Seattle, we see how very much more conscious Washington State is about recycling so the average per capita creation of waste is much lower, but innovation is astounding in both Los Angeles and Seattle. The way organic materials are composted and the way other materials are recycled is truly amazing. So, this is an example of how technology can be used to solve problems once there is recognition of and acceptance of the need for change.

If you are curious and want to watch the videos, here is the link to the National Geographic video on landfills near Los Angeles: and the link to the one on Seattle's recycling efforts is here: At the risk of hammering too hard, I would like to underscore that the educational aspects of the Seattle program have resulted in more consumer cooperation so we see what is needed to bring more people on board.

Tying this brief sketch to what I wrote yesterday about social justice is also important because Uranus is ultimately egalitarian. The Truth is supreme, but no individual has a monopoly over either information or policy. By putting the Truth where it can be seen in broad daylight, the playing field becomes level and it is then merely a matter of time until the changes reflect the Truth. Many people are so jaded by stories of misuse of power and corruption that they do not believe the world can become a better place. My response to this is that history does not really support such skepticism. If Gandhi had believed this, it is not certain that India would have escaped the control of the British Raj. Likewise, if change did not ensue from knowledge, it is possible that we would still have slavery, that women would be regarded as second class, that there would be no racial integration, and that handicapped individuals would be denied what they need in order to participate in society. This is not to suggest that we have accomplished a great deal, rather that ideas first emerge in the minds of a few and gradually capture the imagination and support of others and eventually produce change.


Now, let's have a look a Pluto. I think Pluto is one of the most misunderstood and therefore also misinterpreted "planets" in astrology. Actually, it is not a planet but a planetoid and it is anyone's guess whether or not Pluto is even in our solar system. Most astrologers associate Pluto with deep change. I disagree. Pluto is associated with control and domination so the psychoanalytic qualities normally attributed to Pluto are not nearly as transformational and regenerative as usually described. Rather, the depth and ability to penetrate deep into the psyches of others is a reflection of the desire to use that knowledge to control. As such, I would say that psyops and advertising and propaganda as well as misuse of science and technology, authority and power, and money are all part of Pluto's bag of tricks.

Let's say that what is known can and will be used against all those who do not toe the line. Now, we understand the tension between the whistleblowers and those who are awakened by their revelations and the controllers. My contention is that Pluto is not merely the abductor described in texts, i.e., the villain who drags his victims into Hades, but rather the usurper who perhaps is not even from this solar system. As such, Pluto is an anomaly which is why the conditions brought about by Pluto — financial and political domination— are so disorienting for those who are trying to make a home on Earth. The desire to control someone else comes from a warped ego and perhaps fear of the repercussions that would ensue if the control were weakened. As such, underneath the psyche of the dominator, there is paranoia.

It is worth thinking about this because the tension between Uranus and Pluto is absolutely enormous at this time. In a basic squabble, Pluto would be expected to win, not because of virtue but rather the ability to manipulate outcomes. For instance, if justice cannot be achieved in court, the temporary victory would seem to go to Pluto, but if the Truth will not be quiet, there will come a time when the game is over for Pluto. This is not to say that that knowledge of the Truth will allow one to escape suffering, but rather to say that Truth will not die even if the messengers are no longer in this dimension.

In fact, Pluto knows this and is therefore reluctant to create martyrs since history teaches us that martyrs are sometimes more powerful in death than in life. Because Pluto is fundamentally only about power for self, it will use every dirty trick in the book to prevail, but it cannot prevail, especially if it is actually a usurper and the planetoid is not going to orbit our Sun indefinitely.

How long does it take to change life on the Earth from its present dysfunction to something more congenial? The answer is that this depends on the pace at which individuals adapt their behavior to Truth. It cannot happen faster because power is never offered as a gift or reward for righteous behavior. It is merely extinguished by changes that render it impotent. Confronting power is probably futile because it will concede nothing. Ignoring power is disempowering because power depends on its authority to control.

The Volcano

We could argue we are now in the cycle in which Pluto, aka Hades, has abducted Persephone. As Venus turns direct at the end of the month, the energies will separate so the control over passivity will weaken. Meanwhile, Mars will remain in Libra for another half year so the volatile nature of these energies will not shift too much. It means that people of courage will continue to take risks and those with other agendas can be expected to continue with the war drums and other strategies they use to maintain their power and control.

What each of us can do is focus on what we know and understand. We can take responsibility for what we recognize and implement changes at a pace that is congenial. What will support this process is probably going to elude some people: calmness and confidence. For instance, one can appear confident of the facts, including the sordid ones, but spewing them does not necessarily support the desired change. All the changes have to be consistent with the goal and that goal must include right relationships with everyone and with all kingdoms in Nature. Otherwise, we do not have the basis of sustainability. Thought is very powerful and will entrain when it is focused clearly and with pure intent. As a medical astrologer, I always understood that the beginning of any study of a horoscope involves analysis of the problem, but it is inappropriate to speak until one has the solution. Therefore, difficult as these times are for many people, what will be most constructive is to couple one's complaints with constructive suggestions.

I truly believe that growing our own food is important and if the chemtrails and radioactive particulates rain on us, we have to use hoops, so be it. By growing our own food and even our own medicine, we assuring the survival of much more than ourselves. We are protecting plots here and there, preserving species, valuing our yard waste as compost, improving our environmental footprints, and nurturing the seeds that will spring forth and share with us abundantly. We need to observe this exchange of energy and interdependency to reconnect to Source and ultimately to everyone and everything.

Many blessings,


Copyright by Ingrid Naiman 2014


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